Sole Yacht Kymo 38

Sole Yacht Kymo 38 - CHF 233,279 (€ 199.999)

Kymo unifies luxury, high performance and elegant design for those who would like to feel the power of engines or cruising with style.
Born from the contines binding Bosphorus with its technology delivering strong performance, the deep V-hull and the luxury cabin together with the sunpad and luxurious dinging area, KYMO offers a powerful and elegant ride with a sensational blend of speed, exhilitarion and joy.
KYMO had elegant lines, detailed work and highly sophisticatated Weiterlesen interior and exterior materials.
Full standing headroom, a spacious cabin with shower, a well appointent gally and double berth, with teak decking, leather upholstery complements the stylish ride.
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Werft:Sole Yacht
Zweite Kategorie:Speedboat und Cruiser
Preis:CHF 233,279 (€ 199.999)
MwSt.:MwSt Nicht bezahlt
Yacht Makler:Bach Yachting
Variabler Tiefgang:nein
Länge:11.58 m
Breite:3.20 m
Tiefgang:0.90 m
Beschreibung:Every feature on Kymo is designed for you. Minimalistic hull lines and well-designed interior
Motor:HP Yanmar 2x 320Hp/350Hp/370Hp
Schlafplätze :fest: 0

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Yacht Makler:Bach Yachting
Telefon:+31(0)320 746 046
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Preis: CHF 233,279 (€ 199.999)




11.58 m

Bach Yachting

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